No GMO's

Why we don't plant any GMO's on our farm.

We have always been quite concerned about the health of our soils and our livestock. For more than three decades we have not used an insecticide on our farm. We quit using chemical fertilizers at nearly the same time. What we got in return were soils that became alive with earthworms and microbial activity. Our root structures reached deep into the soils to bring up minerals stored there. Our soils became healthy which has added health benefits to our products as well. We decided against planting anything that was genetically modified even though the seed producers expounded great benefits. We were skeptical and felt there needed to be more research before the use of GMO's took place on our farm. There is much debate on both sides. We will not be planting anything GMO until they are proven to be safe for the soils, animals, and people.  We could get more production per acre with GMO's, but we decided years ago that we would not go the GMO route.